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Turner County Dairy - Success through generations

Turner County Dairy, just a few miles north of Parker, milked their first cows back in 1999. After adding 200 cows per month, they went into full production in July of 2000. Now, with 1,600 cows being milked three times per day, 300 dry cows in transition, and another 2,000 calves in the development phase, they are the perfect example of a growing business in South Dakota.

Throughout their expansive and successful growth over the years, the people at Turner County Dairy have remained diligent, resilient, and proud of the work they do. “I really take pride in taking care of the animals because of what they return back to us and everybody else that works here,” said Steve Bossman, manager.

The dairy strives to utilize technological advancements to make themselves and their operations better, too. “The precision ag equipment has, again, really transformed the way that we farm here in South Dakota,” said Walt Bones, fourth generation farmer.

With the help of 28 employees, technology, and a lot of commitment, Turner County Dairy sends out approximately 105,000 gallons of milk every single week.

Walt Bones also recognizes the advantages of doing business in our state. “There are truly opportunities in South Dakota. We get a lot of support from our state and local governments,” said Bones, “They understand economic development.”

South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development

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