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Advanced Ag Products Approved for REDI Fund Loan

March 3, 2020

CANTON, S.D. – Advanced Ag Products (AAP), a company specializing in animal feed ingredients and supplements for livestock, aquaculture, pets and companion animals, in Canton, was recently approved for a $787,500 REDI (Revolving Economic Development & Initiative) Fund loan. The monies, which were approved by the Board of Economic Development, were used to assist the company with the purchase of a building.

“Our livestock industry is only as productive as the health of our herd,” said Steve Westra, Commissioner, Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED). “The innovative team of AAP has developed unique manufacturing technologies that benefits the overall health and performance of animals and aquaculture. We’re proud to have this company in South Dakota and I look forward to seeing its continued success.”

Kevin Van Beek, chairman of Advanced Ag Products, is a lifelong cattle farmer based in Hudson, South Dakota. For more than 15 years, Van Beek has studied and researched the benefits and uses of essential oils and natural extracts in animal feed.  He found through numerous years of testing and development that a combination of natural extracts and essentials oils can positively influence the animal’s GI tract keeping animals healthy and productive.

Van Beek, through his scientific approach to provide the most effective delivery system, has developed animal supplements and feeds that aid in the animals’ overall health and performance.  With the help of animal industry innovators and university leaders in microbiology, veterinary medicine and nutritionists across the United States and abroad, Van Beek has developed a unique manufacturing process for delivering natural extracts and essential oils that enter the animal’s GI tract.

The company acquired an existing 37,650 square-foot facility on over five acres in Canton that is being renovated to manufacture animal feeds and supplements. Van Beek says that over the next several years, it’s projected that this expansion will create approximately 15 jobs. For more information, go to For more information about GOED’s REDI Fund program and other financing programs available, go to GOED’s website,


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