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Precision Ag

Technology Meets Farming

Precision ag has existed in some form or fashion since the beginning of agriculture. The industry today utilizes GPS technologies and a variety of computerized monitoring and application equipment to provide real-time data that can help ag producers respond quickly and precisely to conditions that impact output. These technologies are relatively young and have only been utilized in agriculture for the last few decades, but they are making a big impact on increasing yields each year.

Worldwide, precision ag is a booming industry with billions spent on equipment annually. The industry is positioned for growth, as precision ag technologies are currently underutilized. Only 27% of U.S. farms or ranches utilize precision ag practices for crop or livestock management.

South Dakota State University has also become the first land grant university to offer both a Bachelor of science degree and a minor in precision agriculture.

Given those circumstances, there is significant opportunity for the industry to expand as well as strong demand for individuals to work in precision ag.


South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development

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