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At the heart of South Dakota’s progress is our dependable and growing workforce. Not only is South Dakota a right-to-work state, we boast low unemployment rates and have one of the highest net in-bound migration rates in the country. Here, the Midwestern work ethic goes beyond the cliché, influencing each of our industry operations from all four corners of the state. Passionate, accomplished and committed to helping your business succeed, South Dakota’s workforce is your most valuable asset.


Not only is South Dakota a location where job seekers want to be, our labor force is ready to work for you. South Dakota’s reputation for having a high-rate of talent participation means you can count on us to work hard, taking your company to a higher level.

Our workforce is highly educated, dedicated and diverse. We’re proud to offer opportunities across all industries and job types. With access to quality ongoing education and training, and a superior tax climate, working and hiring in South Dakota both have benefits that are hard to beat.

Higher Education

In addition to attracting new residents from outside the state, South Dakota produces a highly-educated population from more than 22 higher education institutions. From public four-year universities to technical and trade schools, community and private colleges, South Dakota has it all.

While South Dakota provides undergraduate, graduate, trade and ongoing learning students with top-notch education, our schools also offer the tools and resources to help bridge the skills gap and support innovation across industries. For example, South Dakota State University’s (SDSU) Agricultural Experiment Station is the biggest public and privately funded research organization in the state, while the Research Park at SDSU serves as a hub for academic and commercial collaboration for a variety of fields. Here, higher education plays an integral role in advancing industries and our economy.

Unemployment Rate

BLS, March 2024 Local Area Unemployment Statistics

2.1% South Dakota
3.8% United States

Labor Participation Rate

BLS, February 2024 Local Area Unemployment Statistics

67.7% South Dakota
62.5% United States

High School Graduate or Higher

2022 American Community Survey, 5-Year Estimates

91.8% South Dakota
89.0% United States

We Rank 1st

Mean Travel Time to Work (in Minutes)

2022 American Community Survey, 5-Year Estimates

17.4 South Dakota
26.7 United States


South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development

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