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Community Based Child Care Grant Program

The Governor’s Office of Economic Development is working to provide a two-phase funding opportunity for communities to help with solutions to South Dakota child care challenges. As our team was able to award 28 recipients for the Planning Grant phase, we are excited to announce the next portion of the Community Based Child Care Grant – The Implementation Grant.

  • IMPLEMENTATION: Provide funding to implement the strategies and plans that are created with the planning grants.

The emphasis for this grant program is to provide funds for community-based child care solutions. Community-based shall be defined as there being more than one entity, each serving an essential role(s) in a partnering arrangement. The community-based solution is then collectively involved in either some or all the planning and implementation phases of the project.

Contact Information

Casey Peterka
Partner Relations Representative (Southeast)
Phone: 605-408-1255

Laure Swanson
Partner Relations Representative (Northeast & West)
Phone: 605-280-6299

South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development

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