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Infrastructure First Project


The Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) was awarded a $1M grant from the Economic Development Administration (EDA) to help fund statewide economic development planning. As part of the application process, GOED identified and chose to focus on economic development infrastructure planning. This grant will not be used for construction, just planning.

GOED is tagging this EDA Planning Grant as the “Infrastructure First Project” and has selected ISG Inc. to help with this statewide infrastructure planning. Ultimately, we hope this planning will lay the groundwork for future local, regional, and statewide economic development success.

Statewide Plan

GOED has received the 30% update plan for initial review from ISG. We are very happy with the level of detail and information that this plan will provide for the State and other GOED stakeholders. Our team has also received some additional comments from partners through the work that ISG is doing. This information will set up South Dakota for success as we look to the future and understand the constraints and opportunities that we have.

This project is projected to conclude in May 2024. Stay tuned for more updates.


Capital improvement plans are progressing. GOED is excited to share some feedback from communities.

“The city held a strategic planning session in November – from that meeting there was a realization that there are a lot of needs from the community. This CIP will help identify the needs, prioritize them, and create a budget to complete the identified projects.”

“Part of Economic Development is what you don’t see. This plan will address those items and put a plan in place to make economic development successful for the community. Would like to see that no stone is unturned. The details are what makes the plan successful.”

Site Selection

The site selection process is a data driven process. ISG will be using the Statewide plan as the data drivers for this process. Stay tuned for the announcements in 2024.

Contact Information

Hannah Sage (Western)

Laure Swanson (Northeastern)

South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development

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