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Crooks - Exciting growth in a small town

With a population of 1,200 and growing, Crooks may border the edge of Sioux Falls, but its small-town charm continues to draw people in.

A great location and size according to mayor Butch Oseby, the town is working to grow through economic development opportunities.

Two new housing developments with over 140 lots are currently under construction in town, complete with a walking and biking trail. The city also worked to find land suitable for commercial property. A 36-acre light industrial park is also in the works.

Oseby and the city worked to offer incentives to get businesses interested in Crooks.

“I wanted them in line with what other small communities do. From a five-year property tax abatement with 100% of property tax back, to Tax Increment Financing (TIF), these are things we used,” said Oseby. “I feel we have used TIFs the right way. Towns must be careful and not give too much away.”

Crooks is now working to bring more retail and commercial businesses to town. A senior living facility is another idea that Crooks is hoping will come to fruition, allowing older residents to continue to enjoy the community after they decide to move out of their homes.

Business owner Lane McKenney of Kenney Acoustical moved his business to Crooks and today, has 14 employees.

He noted that as a business owner, it is great to know that his employees are able to provide for their families.

“It is great that my business helps with economic development in Crooks and other communities with our work on so many projects,” said McKenney. “It’s great to be a business in Crooks and also be able to do work in Crooks.”

South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development

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