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Custer - Small town with big dreams

With a population of nearly 2000, the unique community of Custer is a must-stop for people traveling through the Black Hills each year. With millions passing through the area on their travels, Mayor Bob Brown said that anyone looking to start a business or looking to relocate should consider Custer. The community is actively looking for more year-round businesses now that tourism has become a year-round business in the Hills.

“Economic development is so important to Custer because it brings businesses to town,” he said. “And Custer is growing and expanding.”

The City of Custer and the Custer Economic Development Corporation is working hard to address that growth through evaluating housing, workforce, and infrastructure.

A multi-million-dollar infrastructure expansion is currently underway as is talks on how to increase the town’s housing options. With a waiting list of people wanting to move to Custer, Brown knows that by adding houses or a housing development, those additional families would add to the school system, the workforce, and to the businesses district.

“South Dakota is a desirable area. People are moving here because they love the community and the people here,” said Brown.

Tanya Olson, president of the Custer Area Economic Development Corporation and Foundation has been involved in local economic development for the last few years.

“Custer has been in a really good place for the last few years because people have been investing in the community,” she said.

“And South Dakota is an affordable and really easy place to start a business. There are tons of opportunities,” Olson explained.

Brown noted the best thing about Custer is its people.

“And the people make things happen,” he said. “And the community backs and is behind everything we are doing. Come here and enjoy our lifestyle.”

South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development

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