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Hot Springs - Thriving as it Continues to Grow

Nestled around the beauty of the southern Black Hills is the quiet town of Hot Springs. A tourist community that sees tens of thousands of visitors each year, made popular by the town’s natural springs and the Mammoth Site, Hot Springs is a unique community that is thriving.

Andrea Powers, executive director of the Southern Hills Economic Development Corporation (SHEDCO) noted that although the last census showed approximately 3600 residents, that number has increased significantly due to the influx of new residents.

“People relocate to Hot Springs because it has all the amenities one needs in a community. Three grocery stores, a great library, art galleries, theater, accessible outdoor recreation, a relaxed approach to life, and so much more,” said Powers.

Powers works to help Hot Springs target value-added agriculture, and healthcare services, and bring remote workers to the area.

“We have a growing industry in healthcare services and local food production,” she said.

Like many other communities, Hot Springs is working on its housing.

“We need dwelling spaces for entry-level and experienced workers such as teachers, doctors, and nurses. SHEDCO is active in the effort to increase housing as well as some of the larger employers,” said Powers.

She continued, “Our focus the next two years is to complete the reconstruction of SD Hwy 385 through the downtown area as well as associated infrastructure. Completion of this project will increase our capacity for business and residential growth.”

South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development

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