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One-of-a-Kind Med Tech Company Growing its Rapid City Roots

Carol Rae, President and CEO of ImmutriX Therapeutics , a medical technology focused on blood cleaning products, is a South Dakota native and has no intention of moving her company from its Rapid City home. Founded in 2009 with three employees, ImmutriX has since grown to 33 employees and will soon complete a 26,000 square-foot addition to their 10,000 square-food production facility by the end of 2018. One of the product lines of the blood cleansing devices for veterinary use is marketed under the tradename, Aimalojic. Aima in Greek means "blood."

Rae credits their growth in part to South Dakota’s size and business-friendliness, "In South Dakota, you have access to ranking officials and people who can make a difference." On top of that, the Mount Rushmore State offers an unexpected, but beneficial work- life balance that is difficult to achieve elsewhere.  "We have attracted people from all over the world for our project and they actually say the quality of life is better here than anywhere they have lived," explains Jeff Barnes, President of Intrinsic Materials Corp.,  a wholly owned subsidiary of ImmutriX Therapeutics, Inc., which manufactures proprietary advanced carbonous materials for medical devices and for many industrial applications.

The company has 43 patent applications, eight of which have issued domestically and globally. The others are at various stages of prosecution in various jurisdictions and six registered trademarks. The company has received recognition and awards, including "South Dakota Entrepreneur of the Year, 2017." One of the company’s goals, cited Rae, "is to become the poster child for the Governor’s Office of Economic Development programs which have been a vital support for the growth and expansion of the company."

Hometown roots, access to decision makers and Rapid City’s attractive lifestyle have certainly served ImmutriX well. The ImmutriX blood-cleansing treatment system is the only commercial technology of its kind that can help treat a wide variety of medical conditions. With its facility expansion, ImmutriX will be able to focus on further innovation and expanding its product line including dedicated space for its subsidiary, Intrinsic Materials Corp., and Aimalojic brand of devices, which will help remove poisons from animal blood.

South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development

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