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Murdo - A small town with big dreams

Declared the “Magic City,” Murdo sits at the intersection of Interstate 90 and SD Highway 83.

Although many may know Murdo as a tourist destination, the community has much more to offer, especially when it comes to economic development.

With the help of economic development director Ashley Geigle, hired in 2021, the community is focused on increasing both housing and businesses in town.

“In the past two years we have been very focused on housing, both the kinds of houses and where to put them,” said Geigle.

“I have a huge passion for Murdo and I love to see it thrive. I am able to talk to every business owner and I want to help them all succeed,” said Geigle.

A 40-acre industrial park with free or reduced rate lots is the perfect business opportunity said Geigle.

“We welcome businesses with open arms,” said Geigle.

Mayor David M. Geisler explained that economic development is necessary to Murdo because as a small town on I-90, he wants people to enjoy the community.

“Economic development is hard to put a finger on, but we are working hard to clean up the community and we are working to find housing lots and bring fiber optics to town,” he said. “And Murdo is a great community to have a business in.”

Sweet Olivia’s Coffee Shop opened just over a year ago and owner Lindsey Langdeau said she loves owning her own business.

“It is important for me to open a business here. I want to be able to expand, adding employees and more jobs,” she said.

Jeff Birkeland, CEO of West Central Electric, noted that the company plays an active role in economic development throughout the area.

“West Central is very active in the community and fights for our members,” said Birkeland.

He said that in Murdo, common sense and work ethic prevails.

“And we will help in any way we can for any sort of business or expansion,” continued Birkeland.

Geigle said that economic development is important to Murdo because they have excelled in tourism, and by supporting local, expansions are possible.

“I love South Dakota. It has so much to offer. I think doing business here is so great because of its people,” Geigle concluded.

South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development

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