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Platte - Small town, big dreams

There are big things happening in Platte. Located just east of the Missouri River on South Dakota Highway 44, Platte is the epitome of a rural Midwest town. A beautiful main street with businesses lining it, locals popping in and out of stores, and visiting with friends and neighbors demonstrates the closeness of the community.

From housing to workforce to daycare, the Platte Development Corporation is working hard to address all of these issues.

In the past two years, 16 new homes have been constructed and sold in Platte, including condos, twin homes, two Governor’s Houses, spec homes, and more.

“Housing has been our main focus, and we are still trying to acquire real estate for future development,” said Dennis VanDerWerff, Platte Development Corporation president. “Currently we are shifting our focus to commercial and industrial development.”

Businesses are thriving too in Platte. With dozens of stores throughout the town, patrons are usually able to find exactly what they want without having to leave town.

After growing up in Platte and moving away, Tyler Samuelson, a local business owner, felt a strong pull to return and establish his business in his hometown. “I’m confident in Platte’s potential,” Samuelson remarked. “The primary drive for my return was to offer opportunities for my children and my employees’ children. A small town can flourish when you prioritize the community and your team.”

To address the additional need for childcare, a non-profit licensed daycare is being constructed in town that will be able to care for 60 children during the day, as well as offering an after school and summer program.

Colette Mesman, executive director of the Platte Development Corporation explained that both the housing and the daycare will contribute to the workforce in the community.

“Economic development is important. It means growth,” she said. “Platte is moving forward with momentum and the Platte Development Corporation, with help from the community, is addressing the economic issues of housing, childcare and workforce. The progress being made by our whole community contributes to why our little, rural South Dakota town is a great place to live, work, and play!”

South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development

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