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River towns have something for everyone

Tucked neatly on the eastern bank of the Missouri River and alongside Interstate 90 is the beautiful Chamberlain community. With so many different amenities, it’s easy to see why Chamberlain and Oacoma aren’t just a tourist destination, but a home for thousands.

Chad Pinkelman, Executive Director of Lake Francis Case Development Corporation (LFCDC) noted that the two towns are both tight-knit, welcoming, and centrally located.

“We are one community with a river down the middle. Driven by midwestern values including a strong work ethic and a family first attitude,” he said.

Recognizing the community’s growth and need for additional land for business development and housing, the community began the Smokey Groves Development. “Leadership saw the need for expansion, and construction of the first phase of the development was completed in 2021. Lots for residential and commercial properties are available in early 2022,” said Pinkelman.

Seven commercial lots ranging in size from one to seven acres are available along with residential lots.  In March, Chamberlain will be conducting a lottery to give away 11 residential lots in the new development.

Chamberlain is already home to a number of different businesses with their development along Paul Gust Road and their thriving downtown. The addition of two new businesses, Berry and Basil, a kitchen supply store, and Bad River Jerky are businesses who tackled the challenges of COVID and are thriving today and credit the Chamberlain and Oacoma communities for their success.

One way that the communities have chosen to support their existing local businesses is through a revolving loan fund. The fund is used as gap financing and is a partnership connecting an organization and another lender, offering low interest loans. In Chamberlain, between the city and LFCDC, they currently have $800,000 loaned out.

“Partners and allies go a long way in accomplishing anything important,” said Pinkelman.

To learn more about Chamberlain and Oacoma and LFCDC, check them out here – and

South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development

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