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Thriving community located on southeast edge of state

Elk Point, whose tagline is, ‘Where South Dakota Begins,’ sits just 15 miles from the southeast edge of the Nebraska border.

With a 16-acre industrial park on the edge of town, Elk Point has plenty of room to house additional businesses. The park was created in 2018 with assistance from the US Economic Development Administration (EDA) and the South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED). In 2019, it was certified by GOED as a “Tier1 Light-Industrial Park.” That certification means the land is ready to build and the city is looking for other businesses who may want to locate in Elk Point.

“The industrial park is important to us because Elk Point is trying to grow. We are hoping to attract some light industry to town,” said city administrator Derek Tuttle.

He continued, “Elk Point offers reduced taxes for new builders and provides funding options for new business. The Elk Point city council is willing to work with developers/ business owners to ensure a transition to Elk Point is as easy as possible!”

One local business, Thermo Bond, who has called the southeast South Dakota town home for the last decade, is currently in the process of a $8 million expansion. The expansion has affected the town’s economic development, not only due to the expanded number of employees coming to Elk Point, but their project helped the city of Elk Point completely transition to underground power throughout the entire city.

In additional to industrial projects, the city is also currently working on a proposed housing development. A 27-acre piece of land on the edge of town could offer 50 single family home lots and eight multi-family lots.

A thriving community with over 2,100 people calling Elk Point home, the town has also has dozens of businesses, a pool, park, golf course, and much more.

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South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development

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