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Watertown - Thriving with opportunities

A growing, thriving community with a bustling business district, Watertown is home to over 23,000 people and hundreds of businesses.

Whether visiting or putting down roots, Watertown is the place to be. With about 100,000 people utilizing the community for its economic activity, Watertown draws from a much larger area than just the city itself.

“Economic development is an absolute lifeblood for Watertown. We have a nice track record, and you can see wonderful things being done, making Watertown a better place to live,” said Mayor Ried Holien.

To help the community’s high demand for housing, a multi-million-dollar Tax Increment Financing (TIF) was approved to bring housing developments to Watertown.

“The Watertown Development Company (WDC) and the City of Watertown has supported the development of new housing units by providing assistance with area studies of housing needs, and funding resources, such as lender participation loans, and creating TIF districts as additional funding to support the debt housing developers take on,” explained Traci Stein, Director of Marketing and Public Communications.

Opportunities at two thriving industrial parks also are helping the city and its economic development succeed. Watertown Development Company has land available in Pheasant Ridge Industrial Park, Calvin Industrial Park, and Mallard Pointe Business Park. Between the three areas, Watertown can accommodate several businesses to include commercial to industrial.

“Success breeds success,” said Holien. “And we understand what these parks need.”

As Watertown works to grow and make the community the best it can be, Holien explained that both families and businesses from all over can benefit.

“Bring your business to Watertown. Come to South Dakota and breath the air of freedom. We want you to bloom and blossom. A wonderful city with benefits and opportunities, Watertown is a wonderful place to call home,” said Holien.

South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development

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