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FEATURE STORY: Straight Up Bison, Straight Up South Dakota

November 24, 2020


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – “Grow your company. Live your life. Achieve your dreams. We can make it happen for you right now. Because South Dakota means business.” South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s invitation was enough for Fabiola Corvera-Stimeling and her husband Douglas Stimeling, to move their e-commerce business, Straight Up Bison, from Arizona to Sioux Falls, South Dakota in October.

Fabiola grew up in Mexico City, Mexico, and in 2011, she became a United States citizen. For as long as she can remember, she’s had a passion for cooking delicious, healthy meals for her family. Combined with her love of livestock and respect for the land, Fabiola set out to find a way to bring her passions together in one spot.

“It’s been said that if you love what you do then you never have to work a day in your life, and that’s what it meant for me to turn my passion into a career,” Fabiola said. “People who have a Hispanic heritage are traditionally more prone to health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. With that in mind, I’ve always been conscious of finding ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle, without sacrificing my love and enjoyment of red meat.”

Armed with research and an appetite, Fabiola set out to find a red meat alternative to beef that was high in iron and protein and low in fat and calories, but didn’t sacrifice flavor. That’s how Fabiola came to love bison meat.

“Take a 3.5 oz bison steak, for example. It has only 2.42 g of fat. Comparatively speaking, the same portions of chicken, pork and beef have 7, 8 and 18 g of fat, respectively,” Fabiola explained. “Bison meat is lean and high in iron—almost 3.4 mg and 28 g of protein. What’s more, is it doesn’t taste gamey, either.”

Fabiola explained further that while those sources of protein are still tasty and healthy in moderation, bison meat is an alternative for those who are watching their wellness numbers.

“Straight Up Bison literally has something everyone can enjoy, no matter if you’re trying to watch your weight or add to your family’s dinner table. Our community of customers can buy everything from steaks, ground bison, patties, roasts, hot dogs, jerky and just about anything else,” Fabiola said. “Straight Up Bison is a sustainable, responsible and respectful company. It’s our mission to utilize the animal in its entirety so nothing goes to waste. This means customers can also purchase non-commodity cuts like Bison Osso Buco, short ribs, heart, tongue and soup bones. All delivered straight to their front door.”

Proximity to their partner bison ranchers played a big role in Douglas and Fabiola’s decision to move to South Dakota from Arizona. As most of their bison come from the Midwest, coupled with Governor Noem’s message of being open for business, Fabiola said the decision ended up being a no-brainer.

“It’s been a friendly welcome to South Dakota—both from a business standpoint and a personal one,” Fabiola said. “But what it really came down to was Governor Noem’s love and passion for keeping South Dakota open for business, when so many other places were shutting down. We’re so happy to be here, at home where we belong—in South Dakota.”

Consumers who are interested in purchasing bison products or who may be looking for recipe ideas, should go to Some products are based on availability, as the natural cycle of the animal is respected first and foremost.



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