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Hartford exploding with opportunities

A small-town atmosphere with big-city amenities is just one way to describe the thriving, rural town of Hartford.

Located less than 10 miles west of Sioux Falls, on SD Interstate 90, Hartford’s population sits at just over 3500. With nearly 150 businesses calling the quiet town home, it’s no wonder that Hartford is exploding with opportunities.

Sunshine Foods grocery store owner Merlin Goebel said that owning a business in a small town is absolutely wonderful.

“You can contribute to the community and the most rewarding is helping the community grow,” he said.

Goebel noted that economic development is important to a town because if you are not growing, you are dying.

And Hartford is definitely growing. Multiple businesses are being developed along Western Avenue with more slated to open in the coming months. Additional lots are also available throughout the town for anyone interested in bringing their business to Hartford.

Opportunities for light industrial such as manufacturing, storage units, and warehouse space are also available in Hartford, adding to the city’s growth and development.

With plenty of room for additional developments of any sort throughout the growing community, businesses are expanding and moving to Hartford to better themselves and the town.

Amy M. Farr, Executive Director of the Hartford Area Development Foundation (HADF), explained that Hartford has seen extreme growth between housing developments for single-family homes, townhomes, and apartments. Currently, the community has seven different developments with additional developments coming this year.

“You see new homes and businesses being built all the time, much more goes into these construction projects such as making sure the needed infrastructure is in place. Hartford will be breaking ground this spring on a new wastewater treatment facility which plays an integral role in the future development of the community. I believe that the Hartford Area Development Foundation plays an important part in the future growth of Hartford,” said Farr.

South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development

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